Momoline Company was founded in 1987, being at that time mainly focused in the sale of analytical instruments and consumables, but standing since the beginning as a complete and polyvalent partner for the laboratory world.

The great care and attention for every aspect related to labs has led Momoline to care along the years about an ever-growing number of activities, so to provide its customers with an increasing portfolio of services.

With its dynamicity and versatility, characterizing the Company from its beginning, Momoline has evolved its core business along the years, moving towards the design and manufacture of technical furniture for laboratories.

Nowadays, Momoline stands as an undoubted leader in the field of lab designing, as a reliable and experienced supplier for the set-up of the most advanced analytical facilities, with significant references in all the main fields where the presence of a laboratory is determining.

The company can boast a wide portfolio of references, both in Italy and abroad, in the most diversified fields: many satisfied customers can be found, for example, in the fields of pharmaceuticals, industry, chemistry, hospitals, Oil & Gas, research, didactics.

Along with its multifaceted attitude, from the beginning the strength of the company has been represented by the centralized care and management of the entire industrial process: the experienced staff of Momoline takes care of customers in all the steps to be followed for the set-up of their laboratory, since the designing stage, the Company provides assistance through the activities of manufacture, supply, installation and after-sales assistance.

In order to strengthen its activities, Momoline has considerably invested in the purchase of the most advanced and up-to-date manufacturing technologies: as of now, the Company can rely on a modern factory having an extension of 2.500 square meters, as well as on technologic CNC machines and software simulators.

The manufacturing process of laboratory furniture is entirely controlled and managed by Momoline: as a corporate strategy, the Company does not outsource any of its activities, taking direct involvement from design to installation, also in case of customized requests from customers.

It is MomoLine’s primary and steady goal achieving high quality standards by daily researching for the most modern and innovative materials, and by adopting manufacturing approaches in the van of technology. Besides, the care for environment safeguard and safety laws fulfillment, in the light of reaching a sustainable development production line, is always a must.

In the last decade the Comapany has embarked in a new thrilling adventure, putting in place an ambitious plan of Internationalization, which has allowed to enter many new stimulating markets and to get satisfying results by exporting the quality and the style of Made in Italy products towards new and broader horizons.


Momoline is structured to provide its customer the best service, and to stand as the ideal partner for the set-up of your laboratory

The architecture of the Company has evolved along the years, shaping its current structure on the goal of assisting customers in all aspects: experienced technical staff provides the most specific and advanced solutions, showing them to the customers through realistic representations.

The chosen solutions are then brought to reality in factory through the different production departments, and finally installed at customer’s site through the direct intervention of Momoline’s technicians. Manufacture is articulated in the Departments of Metal Carpentry, Wooden Carpentry, Polymers Carpentry, Painting, Mechanical & electric Assembling.

Sales Office can assist the customer in all phases, including after the installation, with dedicated after-sale services. In Sales Office there is a dedicated team caring about public tenders, with highly specialized staff, learned about the most updated regulations. All Momoline’s departments work in symbiosis with the aim of always ensuring best quality and customer satisfaction.

Quality & Certifications

Thanks to Momo Line’s principles and strong believes, the quality management system has obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification, and the environmental management system has gained the ISO 14001:2004. What is more, many Momo Line’s products have been acknowledged as fulfilling the technical and safety requirements of International Standards, such as the EN 14175 for fume cupboards and the EN 13150 for laboratory benches.

Momoline Bench


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Lab design

Technical Systems

Momoline is highly specialized in the design and installation of all technical systems and facilities which are essential to the laboratory, always in compliance to all applicable Standards and according to the most updated design techniques.

In the following the essential facilities to the good working of the laboratory are listed:

Facilities for the handling of exhaust air

These facilities are essential for a correct and efficient management of the laboratory, as well as to grant the safety of all its operators. The airflow extracted from the laboratory through fume cupboards, safety cabinets, extraction arms and other items should be carefully estimated and properly determined together with the number of hourly air-exchanges in the room, so to get an efficient and safe place of work.

To obtain an exhaustive ventilation into the lab, also extraction fans and exhaust ducts should be suitably dimensioned by skilled and experienced personnel.

The careful calculation of the ventilation air into the laboratory is also important to optimize its energy consumption, and the design of exhaust facilities should be always coordinated with the HVAC design.

The air which is brought out of analytical areas is often contaminated, so its filtration is necessary before the release into the atmosphere. To this aim, according to the particular substances employed in the lab, the implementation of specific abetment system should be taken into account: filter boxes with activated carbon filters, HEPA filters, Scrubbers for the liquid-abetment of acidic vapors are good solutions to be considered.

Specialty Gas Distribution Systems

Specialty gasses are essential fluids for the proper functioning of instrumental laboratories: in point of fact, analytical instruments should be fed with a great number of fluids in order to work properly.

Distribution networks for pressurizes Specialty Gasses, sometimes flammable or toxic, can be a great challenge for the overall safety of the laboratory, and should therefore be installed with great care and attention, by skilled personnel and according to all Safety Requirements.

Momoline can take care of the realization of the entire distribution network, starting from pressurized cylinders up to the hook-up points installed on furniture, also caring about the implementation of manifolds, valves, pressure regulators, together with safety devices and electronic controllers for the monitoring of the cylinders level.

Distribution networks for Specialty Gasses should also guarantee a very high Purity of the fluids distributed to the utility points, in order not to corrupt the results of the analyses. Therefore, the entire network should be realized employing suitable materials such as AISI 316 L Stainless Steel, and the project should be executed in such a way that the Grade of Purity can be guaranteed up to 6.0.

The junctions between the tubes can be executed either employing high-quality Compression fittings (such as Swagelok) or through automatic orbital butt-welding of the tubes’ ends.

Gas detection system

In very advanced work environments (such as Pharmaceutical or Oil fields) the installation of sensors for detecting possible leaks of toxic/flammable gases as well as smoke and flames may be necessary.

The installation of these sensors, along with its supporting network, monitoring units and alarm systems, can be carried out by Momoline personnel and carefully planned and evaluated according to the specific needs.

Lab Planning

The installation of a functional and modern lab starts from its design and planning!The set-up and purchase of laboratory facilities, differently from the analytical instruments they are going to accommodate, is a long-life investment, and this is the reason why the design should be treated with maximum care and attention, only by skilled and experienced personnel.

Designing an analytical laboratory is something very specific and complex, and this is the reason why it is not suggestible to rely on “general purpose” architectural design studios for this job, since peculiar technical aspects might not be taken into account during the design.

Thanks to years of experience, Momoline technical office is highly specialized in the careful design of laboratory facilities in many fields, and is always available to support and guide customer in his choices in order to set-up cutting edge solutions for a modern and efficient laboratory environment.

The design of the lab is done by the internal technical office according to all Safety Standard and applicable Regulations: Momoline is one of the only Companies on market to offer a Third-party Certification according to European Standard EN 14056:2003 - Laboratory furniture. Recommendations for design and installation.

All propsed technical solutions are always accompanied by Technical tables with layout, 3D drawings, elevation views, photo-realistic images and all necessary supportive material to provide the customer with all necessary information and overview before the supply is finalized.


The range of products offered by Momoline to its customer is constantly updated and improved, so to keep the pace of an ever-changing market, offering the possibility of choosing among many different product, options and configurations.

Furthermore, Momoline’s strength and peculiarity has always been its flexibility and capacity of designing special solutions tailored for the lab users, so to meet their specific needs and requirements where other manufacturer fail. This attitude and capacity is made possible by the centralized control and management of all production steps (from design to installation) with absence of outsourcing. Momoline’s products are indeed designed, manufactured and tested exclusively inside Momoline facilities and installed by Momoline personnel.

Along with its high flexibility, the control over the entire production process also grants top care for all production steps, with evident advantages for the final user.

Momoline is also able to execute, upon request, very special jobs and installations such as mobile laboratories and innovative solutions which can be hardly found in the Standard catalogues of main laboratory furniture manufacturers.




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