Remote assistance system

MOMOLINE fume hoods can be equipped with a remote assistance system to manage post-sales service phases
such as technical assistance, software updating, maintenance, debug.
This solution enables our technicians to access the remote device (the single fume hood) connected to the network
through a VPN based on proprietary technology having procedures with end-to-end sessions without any
intermediate and optimized for industrial communication. Reliability and service continuity are granted thanks to a
redundant and distributed server infrastructure.
The system does not require additional hardware and allows technicians to operate on remote devices (after the
authorization of the customer) eliminating the distance, reducing the need for on-site assistance, dramatically
reducing postsale service costs.


BELAIR 56 hysto: Worktop with adjustable height

Starting today  BELAIR 56 Hysto fumehood is also  available with height adjustable  worktop.

This is a great innovation: operator will be able to work in a comfortable and ergonomic position.

This fume hood is suitable  for  histologic dissection  and has been certified by a third party for its compliance to the Norm EN 14175.

Entirely realized using  INOX AISI 304 steel sheets to grant  the best conditions of cleaning and disinfection



During the International exhibition Achema 2018, in Frankfurt, we unveiled our new fume cupboard: AK

This is  an automatic chemical fume cupboard, designed and tested to ensure full protection to lab operators in every situation, even the most challenging and advanced.

Both the lateral jambs are realized using anti-acid massive HPL sheets, providing at the same time soundness and lightness to its structure, making it different from the conventional profiles available on market for chemical fume cupboards.

The lateral windows, standard fitting for all models, are realized in safety glass and contribute to make the structure of AK very light and sustainable, together with an optimal illumination of the internal working area.

Certified by a third party for its compliance to the Norm EN 14175:2003



We are pleased to announce that we will be in the Achema 2018 international exhibition,  in Frankfurt from the 11th to the 15th of June.

Come to visit us at boot h78, Hall 4.2


Grand opening of our showroom in Naples

We are pleased to announce that we unveiled a showroom at our headquarter in Naples (Italy).

We will expose all our products in different equipments and colors.

Come to visit us!

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Grand opening of our showroom in Dubai

We are pleased to announce that we unveiled a showroom in Dubai.

Come to visit us!

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