AK is an automatic chemical fume cupboard, designed and tested to ensure full protection to lab operators in every situation, even the most challenging and advanced.

AK is characterized by a light appearance, thanks to a careful location of the utilities below the worktop, allowing a full employment of the available space, optimizing the efficiency and the overall usability of the fume cupboard.

Both the lateral jambs of AK are realized using anti-acid massive HPL .The lateral windows, standard fitting for all models, are realized in safety glass and contribute to make the structure of AK very light and sustainable, together with an optimal illumination of the internal working area.

AK fume cupboard has been certified by a third party for its compliance to the Norm EN 14175:2003 and has been tested in the most adverse and challenging conditions to grant full safety of the operators in all applications, proving superior features of containment and robustness of containment.





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